It’s not just easy, in most cases it’s FREE to transfer

You could also save money on share dealing. You will never pay more than £11.95 per deal online and, if you deal frequently, you pay as little as £5.95 a deal. Furthermore, we take into consideration the number of deals across all your accounts – Vantage SIPP, Vantage ISA and Vantage Fund & Share Account – applying the new lower tariff across all your Vantage accounts in the following month. Placing all your share deals in Vantage could help cut your costs.

The Cash ISA market is littered with eye-catching offers with caveats in the small print stating rates will only last a short period. Few savers realize that the average Cash ISA (many of which offered attractive rates at launch) now pays only 0.66%.

Cash ISA market

The Vantage Cash ISA is different. It offers an interest rate of 2% (tax-free). There is no introductory bonus to be withdrawn after a few months. Instead, we believe that paying a competitive rate over the longer term will allow our clients to generate higher returns without the need to constantly move account.


Your money will be held with Lloyds and our arrangement with them pegs the interest rate to the Bank of England Base Rate, so the rate we ” companies listed to the right. If you can’t see your existing provider listed, you can still transfer to Vantage, but you should contact them to confirm the terms before returning your transfer form. If there are any transfer fees, we might be able to contribute towards them if you act by 29 August; contact our Transfer Helpdesk on 0117 980 9988.


Once you have read the enclosed Key Features and Terms & Conditions, complete one of the enclosed transfer forms:

Stocks & Shares ISA transfer form    p4

Fund & Share transfer form (non-ISA)          p9

Cash ISA transfer form          p15

Pension transfer form  p10-13


pay wilt only change when the Base Rate changes. If this link is amended we will write to savers with three months’ notice, giving you time to consider your options.

As well as the variable rate we also offer higher fixed-rate deals for savers happy to commit their capital for longer periods. Our latest fixed rates have recently closed, but we wilt announce our new fixed rates in mid-September, so if you have Cash ISAs held elsewhere you could transfer them now so you are ready to act.


The Vantage Cash ISA is open to new money and transfers of existing Cash ISAs, but before you apply please read the enclosed Key Features and Terms & Conditions. Further information and an application form can be found on page 15 of the enclosed booklet.

Mary was at Traquair as the guest of Sir John Stuart

Mary was at Traquair as the guest of Sir John Stuart, the 4th Laird, who had been knighted at the time of Mary’s marriage to Lord Darnley. He was the captain of her bodyguard and had been responsible, after the murder of Rizzio and the conspiracy against the queen, for her successful night-time escape from Holyroodhouse and her flight to Dunbar.

It was this little prince’s future  son, the doomed King Charles I, who conferred an earldom on 33-year-old John Stuart, during his state visit to Scotland.

The ensuing centuries brought troubles aplenty. The 1st Earl, who had made considerable improvements to Traquair, was captured during the Civil War and imprisoned in Warwick Castle for four years. His son’s marriage to two success-ive Catholics brought persecution, and religious artefacts in the house were destroyed by a mob in 1688, if you more information about Scotland and its nature please check here.

5. Highlands of Scotland


The family’s Catholic faith and Jacobite sympathies, which resulted in the imprison-ment of the 4th and 5th Earls, led to the decline of the family’s fortunes and by 1800 the vast estate that once extended over three border counties had shrunk to a fraction of its former size.

Catherine Maxwell Stuart is the present Lady of Traquair. Her parents arrived here some 50 years ago and Catherine herself has continued the restoration of Traquair which they began. She is pleased that  visitors can share her enjoyment of the elegant and stately mansion that has played such a major part in Scottish history, and considers it a privilege to live i the same home as those people in centuries gone by who “risked everything r their beliefs and never once wavered ohm their principles.” If you are captivated to France and its nature check at this annecy hotels website for more interesting information.

Favourite Garden

I compliment you on your wide-ranging series celebrat-ing the National Trust’s centenary in 1995, but I was disappointed not to see any mention of my favourite place in its care: Scotney Castle Garden at Lamberhurst in Kent. Please at least publish a photograph to encourage other readers to visit this picturesque and historic castle garden! It is open to the public from the first weekend in April.



5. Lighthouse Scotland

Food For Thought

Your recent article on traditional recipes prompted me to look up an account of the wedding in 1251 of Margaret, daughter of King Henry III, and King Alexander III of Scotland. It makes most wedding feasts pale by comparison.

Britannia Rules?

The familiar figure of Britannia, wearing a helmet and carrying a trident, has appeared on our coins since the days of King Charles II. If Britain embraces a standard-ised currency with Europe, will she disappear? If you are interesting in Europe check the best website

The original model for Britannia was Frances Stuart, a cousin and favourite of King Charles II. She eloped with the Duke of Lennox and Richmond, was banished from court and was only forgiven by the king after she had nearly died from smallpox.

I, for one, hope that we will not allow this reminder of our colourful history to be taken away through standardization.